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The campaign rages on! Help create technology for Bernie’s grassroots campaign, while innovating new solutions for political engagement.

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Bernie Sanders has pulled even in national polls! And there’s still two months left in the primary season. Help us innovate and build technology to capitalize on his momentum before the New York primary April 19.

Grassroots campaigns are all about organization and attention. Which is why tech matters. Come develop the next generation of grassroots political organizing tools to help Bernie reach new voters, motivate and coordinate volunteers, and crunch the mountains of national data.

Volunteer Engagement

How can we make sure Bernie’s volunteers are constantly and consistently engaged with the most up to date information from the campaign?

Donor Flow

Bernie’s average donation of $27 has become national lore. How can we make sure donations keep coming through as smoothly and as easily as possible?

Voter Organization

How can we most efficiently and effectively get voters not just to polling stations, but upcoming speeches, town halls and rallies?


Grand Prize: A guaranteed pitch to the Bernie Sanders for President National Field Team
Grassroots for Sanders will publish the winners of Hack The Bern in a stickied post on the SandersForPresident subreddit

Runners Up: The top five teams will be submitted for review to the Bernie Sanders for President National Field Team.


1. Teams of up to 5 humans are allowed.

2. You must demo your hack in order to present. No slide­decks or power­points will be allowed. 2 minute presentation, 1 minute Q&A from Judges.

3. Submission time is 11am Sunday.

4. Winning teams will be subject to a code ­review at some point following the event or immediately before winning.

5. Fresh Code Enforced: We all start coding at the same time. This is done to keep things fair. Please don’t come in and build on top of previous projects if you want to win.

6. Every participant must agree to this participation agreement.


Saturday, April 9th 2016

9:00am ­ Doors Open

10:00am ­ Opening Ceremony

11:00am ­ Team and Idea Pitches

1:00pm ­ Coding Begins

12:00­ - 8:00am ­ Hack through the night*

*Although staying overnight isn’t required, we highly recommend it.

Sunday, April 10th 2016

7:00am ­ Breakfast

11:30am ­ Lunch

12:00pm ­ Submission Deadline

1:00pm ­ Judging Begins

3:00pm ­ Closing


Each submission will be scored on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and maximum score of 20 points, with the final score being the average of the judges’ scores:

● Design (5 points): Is the project elegant and easy to use?

● Creativity (5 points): How creative was the idea and the technical solution?

● Impact (5 points): Could the project have a real and valuable impact?

● Simplicity (5 points): Could the project realistically be built? Does it solve the problem in a simple way?

Speakers & Judges

  • Cynthia Hellen

    Founder & CEO of SMPLCT LabFounder & CEO of SMPLCT Lab
  • Johnny Misheff

    Bernie Sanders National LGBTQ Outreach Team
  • Thomas Gilroy

    Regional Field Director, New York for Bernie
  • Sabeen Ali

    Founder and CEO of AngelHack
  • Rachel Laycock

    Head of Technology for North America at ThoughtWorks
  • Anthony Ha

    Senior Writer at TechCrunch
  • Chris Bystrom

    Co-founder Advocate


  • Ashwini Anburajan

    Founder/CEO of Social Data Collective


"I am no longer accepting things I cannot change. It is now time to change the things I cannot accept" -Bernie Sanders

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